Stunning entry level websites

We create beautiful pre-made website designs to help you save time and money while setting up a functional, chic, and professional site, customised to your brand and your business.

beautiful, simple, affordable websites

At CREATIVA Websites we offer beautiful, functional pre-made website templates, so all you have to do is pick your favourite and send us your content. We manage all the back end set up, security, and maintenance, so you can spend more of your time and capital on the business itself.   

Beautiful designs

Beautifully crafted, with elegant fonts, responsive layouts, and flexible design possibilities, customised to your brand.

Built in Wordpress

Using an user-friendly interface, our sites will give you the best head start to empower your brand and your business.

fully customised 

Don’t worry about spending time setting up your site, just pick your template as a base of your new site and we’ll do the rest. 

Not your usual DIY

The perfect intermediate solution between a DIY site and custom design: pre-made designs with an expert designer setting up your site.

How it works

Using CREATIVA Websites is a simple four-step process, where all you have to do is choose the template and send us the content – then we do the rest! 


CREATIVA Websites is much more than just a beautiful template service. We also set up your site, host it, offer ongoing support and maintenance, and more.


CREATIVA websites is a Wellington-based company leading the way in simple, effective, beautiful design. We help businesses with a simple and affordable website solution.


Browse our website templates and choose your favourite. We will then add your branding, and set up your website professionally with your chosen design.

CREATIVA websites is a all-in-one website service, a perfect solution between a DIY and a custom website design. A simple four-step process, where all you have to do is choose a template and send us the content – then we do the rest!

Stunning entry-level designs


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